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At Alchemy Enterprises, our commitment extends beyond just delivering an awesome experience. We value our clients deeply and prioritize flexibility and consistency in every endeavor. With a profound understanding of our business partner's products, we ensure every interaction is tailored and seamless. Our vast experience across multiple sales channels has equipped us with the expertise to simplify the intricacies of residential services and technology. Our team thrives on innovation and collaboration. Looking ahead, we are dedicated to embracing a scalable approach, always ready to adapt and evolve in alignment with the aspirations of our business partners.

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Since 2013, we've had the privilege of collaborating with Xfinity on a diverse range of projects nationwide. This multifaceted experience has not only enriched our understanding but has also provided us with a unique vantage point. By engaging in various sales channels, we have gained insights that many partners may not possess, allowing us to approach challenges with a broader perspective and innovative solutions.

Our Sales Channels & Expertise 

  • National Retail - Walmart 3pl

  • Events

  • Market Expansion 

  • Fall Rush 

  • Direct Sales / Door to Door 

  • MDU

  • Lead Gen & Pre-Enrollment  

  • ACP Partnerships & Events 


Direct Sales / Door to Door

Located in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania, specifically in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, Alchemy Enterprises has maintained a continuous door-to-door presence in the Keystone Region since 2010. Our dynamic team, consisting of seasoned agents, adept field trainers, and visionary managers, continues to expand. Our proficiency in scouting and recruiting potential sales agents, paired with our strategic use of experienced professionals for in-field training, has catalyzed our organic growth across the region. This growth has fostered the emergence of new leaders and opened up fresh opportunities.

  • Regional Leadership: Strong presence throughout the Keystone Region.

  • Demographic Insight: Deep understanding of regional demographics and serviceability.

  • System Mastery: Proficient with Comcast's systems and protocols.

  • Flexible Agents: Team members ready and willing to travel as required.

  • Market Acumen: Comprehensive market and competitive research capabilities.

  • Experienced Roster: A lineup of agents seasoned in Xfinity operations, supported by an extensive network.

  • Operational Expertise: Mastery in lead distribution, territory mapping, and lead disposition.

  • Customer Excellence: A consistent track record of delivering outstanding customer experiences.

  • Driven & Focused: Consistently motivated and goal-oriented in all our endeavors.


Opperational Blueprint

Recruiting: Our recruiting strategy is anchored in the Keystone region with four dedicated recruiters. They collaborate closely with an operations coordinator, ensuring alignment with the long-term strategies set by our Regional field managers and senior leadership. This alignment ensures our recruiting efforts are geographically prioritized and in sync with our broader objectives. Our recruiters, seasoned like our agents, have a keen eye for identifying candidates who resonate with our ethos. To further our innovative approach and stand out from the competition, we've developed a comprehensive careers page, offering a visual representation of roles within our organization.

Onboarding: Once a candidate is selected, they receive a welcome email filled with essential tools, resources, and a timeline for the next steps. This email serves as their gateway to our organization, granting them access to their work email and other vital tools. Following this, they are scheduled for an orientation call, which delves into the contents of the welcome email, system setup, introduction to our Authorized Agent Portal, and a review of their training outline and expectations.

Training: Every agent undergoes a mandatory 7-day training period. This comprehensive training includes:

  • Initial field shadowing

  • Classroom training

  • Additional field shadowing

  • Side-by-side selling with a manager or field trainer

  • Supervised selling sessions Typically, this process spans about 10 days, ensuring agents are well-equipped to represent our brand in the field.

Support: Our robust support system, characterized by continuous coaching, mentoring, and training, has been pivotal in nurturing and sustaining our diverse team. We have an internal operations support team dedicated to handling administrative tasks, allowing agents to focus solely on face-to-face sales. Our transparent payroll and sales tracking systems empower agents to immerse themselves fully in sales. Regular pre-shift and post-shift meetings, both in the field and the office, coupled with a responsive leadership team, ensure every agent feels supported. Additionally, our internal sales support personnel are always on standby to assist with sales-related queries or to help close a sale.

Performance Standards:

  • Full-Time Agents: Expected to work 30-50 hours weekly, covering 150-200 homes. Sales target: 10-15 products weekly.

  • Part-Time Agents: Work between 15-25 hours with a sales target of 5-8 products weekly.

  • Quarter Time/Weekend Warriors: Work a day or two each week with a sales target of 3 products weekly.

  • Lead Management: We meticulously manage and track leads, ensuring no opportunity is missed and redistributing as necessary to maximize potential.

Commissions: We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading commissions to our field agents. Coupled with attractive incentives, bonuses, and perks, we attract the best talent in the door-to-door industry. This competitive edge underscores the importance of scalability in our profitability strategy.


Partnership Roadmap:
Investment, Timeline, and Collaboration

Rapid Deployment:

  • Achieve Full Time Equivalency (FTE) of 10 reps in the field within 30 days of launch.

  • Calibrated ramp-up based on needs and performance.

Seeking Insights:

  • Areas of Interest: Are there specific markets in the Keystone region that are of particular interest?

  • Headcount & Production Goals: What are the targets for agent count (FTE) and sales output? What is the desired timeline for these?

  • Opportunity Assessment: What does the short-term and long-term landscape look like in the region?

  • Market Expansion: Are there designated areas we would be assigned to for market expansion/edge out?

Scaling Considerations:
The competitive nature of door-to-door sales and the challenges of winter launches necessitate a strategic approach.

Proposals for Enhanced Performance:

  • Winback On Turf Ramp Period: A dedicated ramp period to regain previous customers, enhancing initial performance.

  • Market Expansion Leads: Access to leads in SME/Edge Out expansion markets.

  • All Homes Passed Leads: Comprehensive lead lists covering all potential homes to increase Xfinity Mobile attach rates.

  • Commission Boosts & Incentives: Enhanced commissions to motivate and reward top performers.

  • Onboarding & Retention Bonuses: Incentives to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Monthly RGU Bonuses: Regular bonuses based on total fiscal production to drive consistent performance.

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